What does your gift mean to us?

As givers, we sometimes feel that smaller gifts won't have much of a difference. On the contrary, all gifts have a meaningful impact. To give you an idea of what your gift can mean to us, here are some examples from Story Avenue, our series of writing workshops for grades 5-7 students from local inner city schools:

$10:  the price of a chapter book for a Story Avenue student
$20:  the price of a picture book for a Story Avenue student
$50:  the cost of the art supplies for the illustration workshops
$75:  the cost of the instructor supplies for the writing workshops
$125: the busing fee for one participating Story Avenue school
$200: the accommodation cost for one out-of-town Story Avenue artist
$300: the roundtrip mileage expense for one Calgary artist
$400: the cost of the healthy snacks we provide to all Story Avenue students
$500: the fee for one Story Avenue artist

All amounts make a difference. When you are considering charitable donations, we hope you'll think of the Young Alberta Book Society. Donations can be made through or via cheque made out to the Young Alberta Book Society and mailed to our office. If you would like to make a donation on someone else's behalf, we will be happy to send a card to the recipient.

Become a sponsor, become a donor or give through the Marg Stephen Legacy Fund. For more information about these options please contact our office: 780.422.8232