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Christie Thomas spent most of her adult life as the Director of Children’s Ministries at her church in Edmonton. Throughout those years she worked directly with children ages 0-12 and their parents, as well as focusing on curriculum planning and execution. More recently, Christie enjoys homeschooling her 3 sons, teaching them the joys of writing and storytelling. As a writer, her first traditionally published books were released in 2019 and she has many other projects percolating in the background.


All of Christie’s sessions are available virtually.

  • $125 for the first 30 minutes with an additional $20 for each additional session booked by the same host that day.
  • 20 minute reading and author Q&A session for $50.

Please note that the text of Christie’s books both refer to God, and would be most appropriate for a Jewish or Catholic/Christian classroom. If booking a presentation without a book reading, presentations are appropriate for public schools as well.

Title: Talking about anxiety and loss

Subject: Health and Wellness, Spirituality

Grade Level: K-3

DESCRIPTION: Book reading

TIME: 30 minutes

It’s important to explore our feelings in a safe place. In this classroom-based presentation, Christie Thomas will read her picture books Quinn’s Promise Rock and Quinn Says Goodbye and discuss anxiety and loss with children ages 5-8. Christie’s personable, interactive approach helps kids identify times when they’ve felt anxious, as well as open up about losses they’ve experienced in their lives. She also provides each child with a promise rock of their own, which can be decorated in class. Christie always makes time for Q&A from the children as well.

Title: Characters that talk back

Subject: ELA

Grade Level: 4-9

Time: 30-60 minutes


Do your stories feel random and disconnected? Writing a compelling story starts with a strong premise and unique characters. In this interactive presentation, Christie Thomas uses familiar books to help students understand how to craft interesting characters that lead the story along. After laying out the questions to ask of every character, she guides the students through the creation of a fascinating premise and developing a character that both fits and guides the story. This interactive presentation can be combined with a modified form of the book reading, where the focus is more on determining the theme and intended audience of her books, as well as author Q&A.

Title: How is a picture book created?

Subject: Health / Career and Technology Foundations

Grade Level: 4-9

Time: 30 minutes


What does it take to publish a picture book? How many people are involved, and what kind of work do they each do? This in-depth look into the publishing industry will help students see that creating successful books isn’t just about telling a story. Christie Thomas will also share about the different ways (and speeds) that stories are written, as well as the self-editing process. Christie always makes time for student Q&A. This presentation can be combined with a modified form of the book reading, where the focus is more on determining the theme and intended audience of her books, as well as author Q&A.

Title: Moving past writer’s block

Subject: ELA

Grade Level: 1-9

Time: 30-60 minutes workshop


Do work seem to get stuck between your brain and the page? Writer’s block strikes everyone at some point, but there are ways to get the words flowing again. Christie Thomas will guide students through several fun activities that will help kids discover that words are fun, useful for self-expression and communication, and don’t have to be perfect.


Quinn’s Promise Rock, Harvest House 2019