Story Avenue is an annual set of writing workshops held in Edmonton for all of the Grade 5 and 6 students from five Edmonton schools: Mee-Yah-Noh, Norwood, Oliver, John A. McDougall and Delton. The program was started in 2007 as a joint venture betwen YABS and the City Centre Education Partnership (CCEP). Local professional children's authors and illustrators teach writing workshops for approximately 400 students. Session sizes are small, allowing for some one-on-one interaction between students and artists. Each child receives a healthy snack and also takes home the gift of a book by one of their instructors. The program is run entirely through donations and sponsorships and is completely free of charge to the schools.





Story Avenue 2020

Story Avenue 2020 will be held on the mornings of February 20 and 21. The instuctors are:


Lorna Bennett
Natasha Deen
Sigmund Brouwer
Lorna Schultz Nichoson
Marty Chan
Bill Bunn
Gerry Rasmussen
Karen Spafford-Fitz
Jacqueline Guest


Thanks to our Story Avenue sponsors:

















Here's what past Story Avenue participants have told us:

I learned sentences turn into paragraphs that turn into chapters that turn into a book!
Dia, Gr. 6

I liked Marty Chan. Writing about superheroes is fun. I learned to use my imagination in my story.
Alexandria, Gr. 5

I liked how we could write what we wanted, not just copy from a board.
Dayna, Gr. 6

I liked meeting the authors and especially Mary Woodbury. I felt that it was a great opportunity. I can write a story that is interesting. My suggestions for next year is to make it longer. It's a lot of fun.
Kyra, Gr. 6

When I heard the authors, I felt like I could write a book of my own.
Munesh, Gr. 6

I liked when Dianne Linden did a little dialogue play. I felt really important because I actually got to see and talk to a famous Edmontonian Author. Maybe I can become an author in the future.
Maryan, Gr. 5

I liked seeing the authors at the Story Avenue Conference. It was fun. I felt like I wanted to stay there forever.
Aarona, Gr. 5

I liked how Jacqueline Guest taught us about periods, question marks, exclamation marks and commas. I connected to Jacqueline Guest because she taught be how important the beginning, middle and end are.
Victor, Gr. 6

I liked going to see the authors and illustrators teach us how they write or illustrate their books. It felt like I was learning a lot of new things.
Amy, Gr. 5

I liked Lorna Bennett's session. I felt very proud of my work. I learned how to describe things in another way.
Patrick, Gr .6

I felt amused and excited. It was so cool. I learned some cool techniques like the 5 Ws and the 5 senses.
Haley, Gr. 6

I connected to Debby Waldman because I had lots of fun while writing. Could we meet more authors?
Tammy, Gr. 5

I liked how lots of people asked questions. I can do a lot when I set my mind to it.
Sarah, Gr. 6

I connected to Georgia Graham because she showed us how to do many things.
Kevin, Gr. 6

I liked when I got to make up my own poem and I think I might be good at it.
Alex, Gr. 6

I connected to Don Meredith because we both enjoy writing stories. I can use bigger words when I write.
Donovan, Gr. 6

I liked how each author I went to had taught me to do something different in a story.
Nadine, Gr. 6

I like poems better than I used to after Margaret Macpherson's session. I liked that we got a book from the last author or illustrator we saw.
Gavin, Gr. 6

I would come every year to meet different authors.
Michael, Gr. 5

I liked Jacqueline Guest and Rita Feutl because they inspired me to write more.
Quinn, Gr. 6

My students here at Eastwood were still flying when I got back here this (Friday) afternoon - and they were there Thursday. I should have taken a picture of them in the library this afternoon, as a good percentage of them were reading the books that they got yesterday. Thank you very much for donating the books to the schools. Our students here were thrilled, and even though some had read the book they were very excited to have their own copy.
Linda MacDougall, Librarian, Eastwood