YABS has a Youtube channel of videos by our artists to help support online learning.

Our driving purpose at YABS has always been to bring Alberta’s literary artists together with students. We believe that artist visits are a unique opportunity to connect with students, help educators supplement curriculum and enhance literacy programming, and provide meaningful work for artists. The COVID-19 outbreak has created significant challenges for all of us. To bridge the gap until in-person artist visits are possible again, we contracted our artists to make dozens of short YABS TV videos for students to help parents and educations who are working on distance and hybrid learning with their kids. These readings, storytelling, writing lessons, and more can be found on our YouTube channel!

In addition to the regular YABS TV videos, we also have videos from our summer writing program, Wordsmith With Us. Weekly videos of writing tips and activities for elementary and junior/senior high were posted with follow-ups by the artists. This program was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Rozsa Foundation as a part of their efforts to provide meaningful work to Alberta artists during the pandemic.

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