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Bethany began telling stories many decades ago while working at a summer camp. Realizing that her young campers were not really engaged in the book she was reading aloud to them, she closed the book and began to tell and they all sat up and listened, and begged for more. Since then she has told stories at festivals, concerts, and Story Cafes, as well as in libraries and schools from South Korea to Cote d’Ivoire, from England to Nepal. Bethany brings her background as an actor, French teacher and world traveler to her performances. Since returning to Canada in 2004 Bethany has worked with Storytelling Alberta as a performer and mentor. She has also been busy with Artist-in-Residencies offering Storytelling workshops in both English and French. In 2008 Bethany toured Quebec as a participant in the Canadian Children’s Book Centre Book Week and in 2011 was given a special recognition award for “Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning” for her work as a storyteller, playwright and theatre director with Caraway School in Edmonton.

Bethany is available for both in-person and online sessions in 2023-24 and is open to travel.

In Person Presentations

In Person needs: For live presentations I only need an adult-sized, non-rocking, non-rolling, armless chair, and a small table for my props. I can usually find and set up those things in any room I where I will be presenting. A cozy venue such as a library or music room is better than a gymnasium, and 60 children or fewer is ideal for a live performance.

In-person Session lengths:
Grades K-3 Maximum time 30 minutes
Grades 4-9 Maximum time 45 minutes
Grades 10-12 Maximum time 60 minutes

Half day fee: $350 (up to 120 minutes of presentation time)
Full day fee: $650 (up to 240 minutes of presentation time)

Virtual Presentations

Virtual Fees:
30 minute sessions $125.00
45 minute sessions $140.00
60 minute sessions $175.00

Virtual session lengths:
Grades K-3 Maximum time 30 minutes
Grades 4-9 Maximum time 45 minutes
Grades 10-12 Maximum time 60 minutes

Set up for online sessions: Students need to be able to see my face and hands for the Storytelling presentations, and ideally I would like to see their faces as well. No special audio-visual needs other than on-line conferencing audio and video. Online links can be set up either by the school, or by me (I use Zoom as my online platform).

Maximum classroom logins: 3 classes

Languages: English and French


Undaunted Enchantments, a storytelling CD


Whether she has chosen to tell a folktale, interpretive version of a well-known tale, a personal or historic story she is hilariously funny, deeply intriguing or emotionally touching; she commands attention. The range and control she has with her voice either speaking or singing is delightful. Bethany is a vibrant teller that connects effortlessly with her audiences.

Pearl-Ann Gooding, Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada

“If you don’t tell the ‘Golden Arm’ story again this year, I’m just going stay home from school on Hallowe’en.”

Grade 6 student, Caraway School

The Grade 5 and 6s were captivated with the way she was able to tell stories.  She linked it to why and how she started doing this and it all tied in together.  That was a great piece I would not leave out next time! The value of storytelling is so important for everyone in future careers/families

Fort McMurray School District

Bethany was terrific! The kids were so engaged. I also enjoyed how she incorporated multi-disciplinary components like skip counting (Math), telling creation stories (Social) and different types of animals native to Alberta (Science).

Malcolm Tweddle School

The presenter was amazing.  Cannot believe she could tell a story for 20 minutes and keep the junior/senior high students engaged!

St. Mary High School (Westlock)