Year Round Bookings

The Young Alberta Book Society is pleased to offer non-subsidized year-round bookings by touring member artists to Alberta schools and libraries.

Some districts in Alberta, such as the Calgary Board of Education and Edmonton Public Schools, require visiting vendors to have a certain level of insurance and WCB coverage. These can be prohibitively expensive for individual vendors, but when touring through YABS all of our members are covered by our insurance and WCB.

In addition, YABS maintains a file of current vulnerable sector police information checks for all of our touring artists. We are on CBE’s Artist Roster and EPSB’s Approved Vendor List, signed up for Electronic Funds Transfers for many districts, and we are happy to complete similar paperwork for any other districts as required.

How it works:

  • Host and artist schedule a visit at any time of year and let us know they’d like it go through us

  • YABS provides a contract template to be filled out by host and artist with the details of the booking

  • Hosts agree to pay the artist fee plus GST, travel expenses as negotiated between host and artist, and a $50 membership fee to YABS if the host is not already a member (if you aren’t sure if your membership is current, just ask us!)

  • YABS will send an invoice to the host which is payable to YABS by cheque or EFT

  • YABS will pay the artist their fee (minus 5% admin fee) and the full amount for travel

To initiate a Year-Round Booking, please contact us at 780-422-8232 or

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