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Since his first book was published in 1990, Canadian author Sigmund Brouwer’s Rock and Roll Literacy presentation has reached over 1,000,000 students in schools across Canada and the United States. He is a bestselling author of both children and adult books, and based on this, he has established on-line courses for teachers and librarians to use in the classroom or for distance learning: and His virtual sessions include a free ebook or pdf book for each student. As for his background, he has over 150 titles, with four million books in print in a half-dozen languages. His novel, Dead Man’s Switch, is the winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for Canada’s best young adult mystery of the year and was a finalist in the TD Children’s Book Awards. Devil’s Pass was a finalist in the TD Children’s Book Awards. His novel for grownups, Thief of Glory, was selected as the Book of the Year for the American Christy Awards and is a winner of the Alberta’s Readers Choice Awards.

Sigmund is available for both in-person and virtual sessions and is open to travel..

Online Presentations

I use a mixture of music, videos, and readings during my virtual presentations. I use a Zoom webinar format which does not allow for cameras and microphones on the other end — this makes it completely safe and secure and has no distractions. I have run webinars with up to 750 student participants, so I’m acutely aware of how important this is.

Interaction is lively via the chat box and Q&A, and most schools send the presentation directly into each participating classroom. There is no maximum amount of classroom logins  — please include as many students and teachers as possible! The zoom link is also provided for any and all at-home students. As well, the presentation is recording and provided for use with a school logo for two weeks after the presentation for any students and teachers who can’t attend the live presentation.

There is no set up for teachers. I provide the zoom link, as well as instructions on how to access from Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

All virtual presentations include an ebook for each student at their grade level.

Terrific Storyfic Day — $150

30-minute presentation for grades 1-3 to excite students to write their own picture book. Activity sheets included, as well as instructional videos for teachers to access at their convenience.

Story Ninja Literacy – $150

45-minute presentation for grades 3-8 to motivate students to use the power of story in narrative, expository and essay writing.

Shoot For Your Moon – $150

Based on my book Moon Mission: The Epic 400-Year Journey to Apollo 11, this 45-minute presentation for grades 3-8 shares how to deliver amazing reports, and celebrates the role of teachers in helping students their own dreams.

Story Ninja Writing Classes – $350 for entire year for one classroom.

Two live classes per week for the entire school year at three different grade levels: ¾, ⅚, ⅞. Each class is also recorded so teachers can access lessons at their convenience.

In-Person Presentations

Story Ninja Literacy – $500

1 hour presentation with video, music and readings to motivate students to use the power of story in narrative, expository and essay writing. This includes as many students as the school would like to include, for grades 1-8. (grades 1-2 students are there for the first twenty minutes of the presentation.)

I bring all my sound and video equipment.


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Sammy the Sparrow and The Golden Rule


Alberta Reader’s Choice Award for Thief of Glory 2015

Arthur Ellis Award, Best Canadian YA Mystery for Dead Man’s Switch 2015

Christy Book of the Year for Thief of Glory 2015

Red Maple Award, Finalist for Dead Man’s Switch 2014

John Spray Mystery Award, Finalist for Devil’s Pass 2013

Red Maple Award, Finalist for Devil’s Pass 2013

CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens for Oil King Courage 2011

CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens for Timberwolf Prey 2011

CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens for Timberwolf Rivals 2011

CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens for Chief Honor 2009

CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens for Hitmen Triumph 2009

CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens for Timberwolf Challenge 2009

CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens for Timberwolf Trap 2009

CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens for Winterhawk Star 2009

Junior Library Guild Selection for Absolute Pressure 2009

Golden Eagle Award 2008


Just to let everyone know we had author Sigmund Brouwer at our school this morning! HE WAS ONE OF THE BEST presenters we have ever had. The students and staff were thrilled, entertained and inspired by the presentation.

I just wanted to thank you again for your awesome presentation last week! The kids have been excitedly writing ever since! You particularly struck a chord with our young guys! I appreciate your work with them!

Once again, many thanks for the dynamic presentation this morning. . . Several teachers remarked that it was one of the best author presentations they’ve ever experienced. Bravo!

I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful presentation this afternoon! All of the students and staff were talking about how much they enjoyed listening to you speak, and you definitely inspired many students to pick up your books and read! The staff was also very impressed with how you reached and entertained the grade 1-12 audience, not an easy feat! Thanks again for coming to our school!