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Steven Sandor is an author, magazine editor and broadcaster. He’s written novels for young adults and has written non-fiction sports books for adult audiences. Steve is currently the editor of Edify magazine. He’s been named Editor of the Year at the Alberta Magazine Awards. His sports broadcast work has appeared on CBC, One Soccer, Sportsnet and Citytv. Steve was born in Brampton, Ont. He calls Edmonton home. He has a great family, two kids, no dogs (allergies!). Steve has emceed sold-out events, read at libraries, spoken to school kids, and has appeared on Global, TSN Radio, CTV2, Citytv and CBC Radio. He thinks every reader is a great reader — child or adult.

Please check back in August 2023 for Steven’s availability.


In-person half day fee: $250 for two 1-hour sessions

In-person full day fee: $400 for four 1-hour sessions

Virtual session fee: $125 for one-hour session, $200 for 2 hrs. No presentations over 2 hours!

Online session will include slides and an interactive session. Kids should be ready to “raise hand” and speak, and be able to submit material.

Session Description

ARE YOU A STORYTELLER? We go through the basics of good narrative: Characters, plot… rising action and climax. I use not only examples from my own work, but from pop culture, showing how good writing is used in video games, comics and movies.

In writing session, I encourage the mantra of SHOW DON’T TELL, encouraging kids to use descriptive, active language, but not to simply tell the reader what is happening. (For example “The coach threw a chair” rather than “the coach was angry.”) We will work on active passages.


Easy Out Lorimer 2020

Spin Out Lorimer 2019

Called Up Lorimer 2018

Stick Pick Lorimer 2017

Trolled Lorimer 2016

Crack Coach Lorimer 2015

Replay Lorimer 2013

Playing for Keeps Lorimer 2012

The Illustrated Guide to Hockey Sites and History Heritage House 2007

The Battle of Alberta: A Century of Hockey’s Greatest Rivalry Heritage House 2005


“Students at all three grade levels were very engaged in his presentations as well as the activities he created which followed his discussions with the students. I was very inspired as well in my role as a Language Arts teacher to continue the lessons Steven presented with my students.”

Paula Kelly, teacher, Hillcrest School