Young Alberta Book Society

Thank you to all of the amazing teachers, librarians, and artists who made our two Cenovus Wordpower Tours a huge success! You can read more about Wordpower here.

If you're looking into charitable donations, we hope you'll consider giving or requesting a donation to the Young Alberta Book Society. We are now members of the ATB Cares program which matches which contributes an additional 15% of every donation -- and they also cover all of the transaction costs! Donations can be made to YABS through ATB Cares here. You can also make a safe, secure, tax deductible donation through!


Office hours: During the month of June, the YABS office will see an increase in variable hours and occasional closures to accommodate professional development opportunities and holidays. Voicemail and email will be checked daily, but please do be sure to call ahead if you plan to stop in for a visit!

Due to scheduling conflicts, our Annual General Meeting will now be held on Saturday, June 27, 2015 in Red Deer. If you are a current member and would like information on attending, please contact the office!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped us out during our casino in March! We use casino proceeds to fund the travel for our Taleblazers Festival which takes place October!